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The SC Professional Cleaning Experience

What separates SC Professional Cleaning from our competitors is that we understand the value in maintaining long term employees and as a result have implemented 3 programs that provide stability and incentive.

#1: Unlike our competitors that pay “hourly” or “per house” wages, we have chosen to provide our workers with a “guarantee daily rate” so that in the event the team has a partial day they will not have to stress about their income and instead be able to stay focused on maintaining quality work for you, the customer.

#2: We have implemented a weekly bonus program whereby the team is paid a bonus based upon a weekly summary of customer’s cleaning reviews.   Each customer receives a survey at the end of each job that pools the teams ratings and every week the team gets their report results (customer information is hidden from the cleaners) to know if they have earned their bonus.  We understand the team is not perfect and can have a bad week so we pay the bonus based upon their “year-to-date” average which must be a high standard to earn the bonus.  This keeps the team motivated to do an exceptional cleaning every time.

#3: We assign a fixed team to your home (in most cases) so that you have consistency in your cleanings.  The team gets to know you and your home and specific needs over time.

The end result is that these 3 programs ensure consistent long term successful cleaning results for you, the customer.

Some of the detailed regular cleaning services you should expect to receive include:

  • Complete vacuuming
  • Clean floors
  • Dusting
  • Change sheets & make beds
  • Full kitchen cleaning
  • Full bathroom cleaning
  • Room organization
  • Clean inside microwaves
  • Outside entries cleaned
  • Sliding or French doors cleaned
  • Clean cobwebs
  • Wipe down surfaces
Steve and Adriana

Adriana’s Story (Original Founder)

Adriana was born in Brazil and came to the United States in 2005 to seek the American dream.  Adriana began her career from the bottom up delivering newspapers at night from 2 a.m. – 5 a.m. and then cleaning houses for another house cleaning company for 3 years until she was able to save enough money to buy a small house cleaning business route.  She took over that business cleaning houses (while at the same time still delivering newspapers from 2 a.m. – 5 a.m.), until she was able to make enough money in the house cleaning business to support herself and her family.

Since then she has steadily grown the business.  Her dedication, detail and hard work has resulted in a business solely grown out of referrals.  Her clients clearly see that she is not afraid of hard work and does whatever it takes to get the job done and this motto has been instilled within her employees as well. The results are seen year after year with all of her customers.

Adriana remarried in 2013 to her husband, Steve.  Together they have five children. Church and family values are key to their lives.


People SC Professional Cleaning

  • SC Professional Cleaning service did a beautiful job. They were sweet and offered to make beds too! They made a cute toilet paper rose that I was so impressed by. The cleaned efficiently and thoroughly. I am completely satisfied by their service. :)

    SC Professional Cleaning
  • Adriana and her crew have been helping us for 2 years, we couldn’t be happier. The team is reliable, responsible, professional and caring. In each visit they clean thoroughly and use products wisely. Would recommend her service to a friend for sure.

    SC Professional Cleaning
    Claudia S.
  • I have had Ariana’s cleaning service for my house for over 2 years and she is very very professional and always has a smile. She is very trust worthy and would not hesitate recommending her to anyone looking for cleaning service.

    SC Professional Cleaning
    Sonu B.